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Outreach activities are one of the most important aspects of the mission of the Society of Women Engineers. These programs inspire the upcoming generations of women engineers. Our goal is to engage girls and young women in a wide variety of ways to cater to the wide variety of personalities of younger generations. SWE Wisconsin participates in a variety of Outreach activities throughout each year ranging from an hour long presentation to full days of workshops. It is our hopes to inspire young girls and provide quality role models for them.

Each year, SWE-WI volunteers participate in several outreach activities, including:

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SWE-WI is constantly seeking new opportunities to get our volunteers involved. If you have an event you think you would be a great fit for SWE-WI, please fill out this form.


Upcoming Outreach Opportunities


National Engineers Week Activities, Feb. 18-23rd 2018

Idea of the month- Artificial Intelligence and Coding. Work with local schools, Girl Scout troops, etc. to bring the fun of engineering and encourage girls to consider STEM careers. If you are looking for ideas of activities, SWAG to hand out, Girl Scout Badges, places to visit, etc. Contact the outreach chair Heidi Balestrieri  hbison01@yahoo.com 


Rube Goldberg Competition, March 8, 2018


If you are looking for an opportunity to do outreach, and have a hard time making it to an event, this is the opportunity for you! We are looking for judges to read the written technical steps from the Rube Goldberg contest and then collaborate via phone on Thursday, March 8 in the evening to determine a winner. Steps will be sent to you by email on March 7, time for conference call on Thursday will be determined by the judges. Signup using the link provided above. Questions can be sent to Heidi Balestrieri hbison01@yahoo.com   


GEMS UW-Waukesha, April 7, 2018

SWE is sponsoring 4 workshops on Saturday April 7 from ~9-3:30, times for workshops and a sign-up will be coming out soon. Volunteers will be needed to help run the workshop (activity and materials will be provided).


Rube Goldberg Middle School Competition (Waukesha)

SWE is sponsoring a special award for the Middle school competition. Volunteers are needed to judge the teams at WCTC in Waukesha. More details coming soon.


Rube Goldberg Middle School Competition (Milwaukee)

SWE is sponsoring a special award for the Middle school competition. Volunteers are needed to judge the teams at MSOE Kern Center in Milwaukee. More details coming soon.


2018 Engineering Design Competition is looking for Virtual Judges! 

When: TBA
Where: Wherever you choose
RSVP: Please contact Patricia J Deibert (deibertp@msoe.edu) for details or to volunteer.

More about the competition: This year 108 registrants representing 16 Wisconsin schools will be participating in 2018 Engineering Design Competition. Teams of 1-3 students submit their design solution into a Portfolio in the Innovation Portal - https://www.innovationportal.org/. The documentation process is guided by A-M elements. Each of the elements are aligned to a rubric to which students have access. 

Virtual judges use the same rubric to score the student portfolios. All portfolio reviews take place virtually during the judging window – in June TBA – and in July TBA. The goal is to have each portfolio review by three to five judges. The scores are then averaged with the top ten teams being recognized at an awards banquet. The top three teams receive cash awards and feasibility studies by the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center.



If you have been involved in an outreach event since July 2017 and are a SWE member, send information about the event to Heidi Balestrieri at (hbison01@yahoo.com)so we can report the information in the SWE outreach tool. SWE-WI won a $100 gift card in a SWE drawing for an event held and reported in October. Information needed for the report: event name, date, all SWE sections that were involved, description of event, breakdown of girls and boys who participated, age of students, number of adult guests, number of SWE member volunteers, number of other volunteers, any partner organizations involved, or any other information to share.