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SWE WI Polo Shirts - Order by March 21

Place orders below for a SWE Wisconsin polo. It is a teal tech fabric women's polo shirt with the SWE logo and section name embroidered in white. We will be accepting orders until Thursday, March 21st. To qualify for free shipping, you or someone you designate must pick up the shirt at the Spring Forward Professional Development Day on April 6th in Oshkosh. Otherwise, include $5 for shipping and provide your mailing address. Please contact Rachel Tranel  with mailing addresses or any questions.

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It is that time of year again, time to nominate SWE members to elected office for our next SWE fiscal year! Please consider running for one of the following SWE-WI elected positions for FY20 which runs from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020: President (Pres), Vice President (VP), Secretary (Secr), or Treasurer (Treas).

If you are interested in being put on the nomination ballot, please submit a brief bio of yourself telling why you wish to run for a particular office, and a headshot of yourself, no later than Saturday, March 16, 2019 and send to Gina Janke . Please put the following info in the subject line of your bio/headshot submittal: SWE-WI Election_YourLastName_OfficerAbbrevSuchAsPres

Come join this incredible team of SWE leaders! Any questions, feel free to contact a SWE-WI nominating committee member listed: Betty Leonhard, Susan Schlett (262-337-3934) and Gina Janke.


Leadership Positions available for FY20

The leadership positions and structure has changed slightly in the next year and there are still a few unfilled positions. Please letAndrea Falasco know if you are interested in any of the following.

  • President: Oversees SWE-WI section, run monthly meetings, plan and run two planning meetings, and attend conferences.
  • Nominating Chair :Looks into members in section for who to suggest for leadership roles and make a team at the end of the year to put the voting together.
  • Secretary Recording : Oversees communication members. Records minutes during monthly and planning meetings.
  • Secretary Society Liaison : Reviews governance updates from society and reports back to section. Writes an article about governance and society happenings to newsletter.
  • Treasurer: Oversees the SWE-WI account and manages the budget for the year.
  • Professional Development Chair – Makes events in the three areas for professional development topics. Works with the LCC on what topics would be beneficial.
  • Liaison to Counselors – Works with the counselors and communicates to the collegiates.
  • Collegiate-Professional Event – Plans event for networking with collegiates and professional members.
  • Event Planner Milwaukee – Plans and volunteers with Milwaukee outreach events.
  • Event Planner Fox Cities – Plans and volunteers with Fox Cities outreach events.
  • Event Planner Madison – Plans and volunteers with Madison outreach events.
  • Public Relations Chair – Screens emails from companies about participation and questions.
  • VP1 Professional – Oversees the members in the membership, professional development, and networking groups.
  • Membership – Analyzes the membership numbers and welcomes new members.
  • New Member Packet Coordinator – Creates packets to send to new members.
  • Networking Chair – Oversees the events coordinators and helps with questions and ideas.
  • Celebrate SWE Event Planner – Plans end of year celebration.
  • VP2 Collegiates – Visits colleges and helps college sections with issues.
  • VP3 Outreach – Oversees outreach coordinator and communicates events to section. Submits events to society. Reaches out for new events.
  • Google Coordinator – Sends weekly emails of happenings in section and manages email account.
  • Newsletter Editor – Creates newsletter every other month. Collects and edits submissions.
  • Social Media Coordinator – Manages Facebook page and other social media with society.
  • Secretary Society Liaison – Reviews governance updates from society and reports back to section. Writes an article about governance and society happenings to newsletter.
  • Mentor Coordinator – Coordinates mentor relationships in the section.
  • Herstorian – Makes a digital reference of SWE-WI history.
  • Awards Chair – Nominates members for society awards, enters awards packet to society, creates section awards given out at Celebrate SWE event.
  • Scholarship Chair – Sends out submission information and chooses scholarship winners.


Carol Johnson Presentation - April 10th, Milwaukee Area

MSOE SWE hosts Carol Johnson, president of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers. Carol is the first woman and youngest person to ever become president of ASPE. She will discuss her journey as well as the struggles and successes of being a woman in engineering. Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP by April 5th. Please contact Sam Billetdeaux with any questions. 

          When: April 10th 5pm  

          Where: MSOE Grohmann Tower 233 E Juneau Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Industry Night at Marquette - April 11, Milwaukee Area

The Marquette collegiate SWE section is looking for electrical and computer engineers to participate in a panel and networking night on campus. If interested, please contact Lindy Couwenhoven  no later than Friday, March 8th.

          When: Thursday, April 11th , 7:00 – 8:30p  

          Where: Marquette University 


Event Planning

Would you like to plan 1 event this year for SWE? We are looking for anyone who would like to plan 1 event in your area to get a list of those we could ask for an event during the year. This could be any event; a happy hour meet, trivia night, pottery or canvas painting, yoga session, group run, concert, attending a local event, webinar watching, escape room, etc. If you are interested, please contact Andrea Falasco know!


SWE Annual Conference: Nov. 7-9, 2019 Anaheim, CA

SWE WELocal Conferences in 2019:

  • Feb. 15-16 Tampa, FL
  • Mar. 1-2 St. Louis, MO
  • Mar. 15-16 Denver, CO
  • April 5-6 Bellevue, WA
  • April 11-13 Bengaluru, India
  • May 15-17 Berlin, Germany


SWE-WI Scholarship Fund drive

Thanks to your generosity, we raised an additional $1000 this year and we can fund 2 scholarships this year. But the fund drive for 2019 scholarship is just starting… Online donations are accepted at http://www.swewisconsin.com/pages/Support/Scholarship.html or contact the Scholarship Committee at SWE-WI_Scholarship@swe.org. Thanks again for your support!


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Interested in getting more girls interested in engineering and STEM?

SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student through the age of 18. Become part of SWE and #BeThatEngineer! Joining is free. Families and educators play a key role in the success of SWENexters. The SWENext program offers resources and information for adult advocates, as well. Website and sign up information here!